Chitra Tamilarasan, House Wife, Tirupur

Ananthamae jayam ellam kaikoodum Guruvae saranam Ghathi experience is what we can only feel it, it’s a deep-rooted inner experience that we can only feel but cannot be explained in words I got Ghathi on 26/12/2019, That period I don’t know the Ghathi’s true material interpretation, But now whole heartedly I understand and feel / experience that Ghathi is a treasure to my soul. On that day I got Sivakaram, and from that day onwards till today I am doing it regularly, I took that as a first step to nurture my soul Guru’s each and every sathsangam, meditation are raising steps to visit god Everyday mozhi is prasad. Like a sculptor guru molds our soul like a beautiful sculpture through mozhi. Thavam seithu mounathil aalnthu than nelai maranthu nihalkalathil irrukum poluthu paramporulae iyarkaiyaga, prabanjamaga ulagamaga, ulagil ulla uyirgalaga manithanaga, enakkullum arivaga irunthu kondu ella vatrayum alithukondu irrukindrathu enbathayum unaramudikindrathu In the present day life we blame everything, and says we didn’t have this and that …. [ We literally beg for everything ]  Do we need to live such a life? I got such a clarity Guruvae saranam, If there is any mistake, I am sorry and please forgive me iyya. Guruvae saranam, guru paadham saranam, guruvuru saranam, guru soll saranam, guru parvai hy saranam, guru unarvae saranam, saranam, saranam. Thank you iyya. Ellam Kaikoodum, Ananthamae jayam

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