Pradeepa, M.Sc Psychology, Erode

I am Pradeepa from Erode, Tamil Nadu. I am studying M.Sc psychology. I am attending the atman class for 1 year. I had no idea of the class initially, but still I continued to attend. In this class our Guru L.L.S.Manikandan Ayya takes both theory and meditation with some basic exercises. Ayya makes sure that everyone in the class understands clearly about what he had thought for us. By doing meditation and exercise there are a lot of changes in my thinking and my body attained weight loss. Last month Ayya introduced a practice called “Thradakam” which is to be practiced before 6am in the morning. I done this practice at 5 am. I am enjoying the meditation. I feel good and I will sleep at 12 in the night but now-a-days I go to bed at 10pm. I used to have non-veg but past 6 months my intake of non-veg is very less. I had very hyper tension but after this practice my anger level has come down. When I say that I haven’t done the practice regularly, Ayya don’t say anything but encourages me to do better. I really want to thank Meena ma. She only asked me to join the class. She also encourages me to do regularly.
Ananthame Jayam. Yellam kaikoodum.

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