Ramachandran, Volunteer

Which part of the “Life” puzzle will I fit into?

Before mediation, life and everything involved in it seemed like a puzzle, with all the clues scattered everywhere, I was really confused as to what or where do I fit in, which problem should I solve first. Life was confused, stressful and chaotic. In 2019, one of my friends introduced me to L.L.S Manigandan Ayya, I wasn’t expecting that he will be my master/guru who I will look upon. Later, as I was attending classes, I couldn’t believe that such a person could exist, Ayya thought me unique techniques and introduced me to meditation. This was the beginning to a lifetime of wonder and amazing experiences under his guidance as well as his successors. Things changed dramatically after this, it was like I was distancing away from the problem and looking at it from neutral point of view. Life looks sorted as mind becomes calm and you feel at peace. Meditation has become a practical way to experience states of new beginning and an inner evolution that is intangible. Not merely something to believe in but to realize. After some days, I could realize the change in me and my approach to life was positive. I felt I was attracting positive vibes and was feeling happy. Meditation become part of my daily practice. But more than anything, it was the guidance of the master himself, who took me under his wing and was able to transmit all states I dreamt about and far more. Through these years, I have experienced internal changes that reflect externally too. Most of all the experience is really the presence left which cannot be compared to anything.

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