Viji, Australia

My journey with our Guru – Ayya, has been an awesome experience. When I joined our weekly classes, my expectations were to have a peaceful life and be happy. As the classes have progressed, I felt that being happy and peaceful in life is nothing compared to what I have got to experience with Ayya’s guidance. In one of our classes Ayya talked about ‘Life – primary particle’ – that life is in each and every single thing and there is no such thing as a ‘Lifeless’ thing in the existence. That made me think and see everything differently. Until that time, I was looking at a tree, a table, and people differently, now everything and everyone are the same. End of that class I thought ‘this is it, there is nothing else to know’. Thankfully I was wrong, with Ayya’s guidance we explored about the universal
energy, solar system, karma, harmony, nature, ego, and meditation on the five elements and the solar system and much more. Now I sit in every class and eagerly wait for more secrets to be revealed about anything and everything and nothing with our Ayya. We are slowly exploring and experiencing how to live our lives harmoniously along with nature, connected with everything and everyone and one day become and be everything as our class name ‘Vishwarupam’.

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