Sridhar Srinivasan T, Bangalore, Sr. Manager in Scientific Games

Guru means Sathiyam (Truth). Guru is within everyone’s self and we never realize this truth due to our ignorance. We need a constant support of an enlightened soul (Guru) to instruct us to realize this truth and transform one’s self as a guru.
The Guru is the Creator, Preserver, Transformer and he is a supreme being and who in the form of unbroken glory pervades the universe of the moving and non-moving beings. Guru restores the sight of the individuals, who dwell in the darkness of ignorance. Guru revealed the Highest State which pervades all that is fixed or moving, all that exist whether animate or inanimate.
Guru helps us to realize the Supreme consciousness that pervades the entire universe and all that moves and stays therein. The guru is the intelligence, the Eternal, and the serene, transcending space, untouched by defilement and transcending the subtle aspects of sound.
Guru is established in Knowledge and Power, who is adorned with the garland of wisdom and who grants both worldly prosperity and liberation.
The guru will be giving the sacred knowledge of the Self, burns up the bonds of the accumulated karma of many births. The guru is the world-teacher, and Guru help to realize that my Self is the same Self that is in all beings.

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