Yogi Meena Krishnan, House Wife, Tirupur

Anandame jeyam. Ellam kaikoodum.
Pranams to the holly feet of all the Gurus.
The travel which took me to nothingness. How i was attuned to the divine love. A long travel which opened me to
1.Self realization is the core of our birth.
2.Self–the mirror of both inner and outer world
3. The mirror is… selfless service which breaks the ‘ I’ in me.
4. The Oracle (sayings) of the Guru and Guru thyself evolve us to the highest state of nothingness.
5. Nothingness is a divine feeling that is beyond words.
6. Nothingness is a state of aloneness, — a wholesome bliss.
I surrender to the greatness of Gnanaguru Sree L.L.S.Manighantan ayya the founder and chairperson of Karpagadaru trust who dedicates his entire life along with his family to the service of mankind and Nature

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