Yogi Yuvaraj, Rtd LIC.Development officer, Bargur

“Anatheme Jayam Yellom Kaikoodum”

My Experience

1.From Ayya’s classes and preachings, I have experienced Inner and Universal journey.
2.After several preachings, finally he made us achieve True Wisdom through Gathi class.
3.He has written a book on “Anbu Pezhai” which illustrates to love every living beings.
4.He founded a trust named “Karpaga Trust” through which he provided several services to the mankind.
5.The mission of this trust is to achieve world peace through love and understanding.
6.Activities of the Trust: *Maargadarshakaa- Visualising Pathways
*Dhanvanthri- Health is Wealth
*Vrikshm- Afforestation
*Anna- Food
*Parsparakriya- Public Relations
*Sri Maharishi Library

I am proud to be a part and volunteer all the above activities with our Gnana Guru Sri.LLS.Manigandan.

Yogi Yuvaraj, Bargur

“Anatheme Jayam Yellom Kaikoodum”

My Guru
Since 20 years back, my desire for spirituality was increasing. I was in search of a right Guru to follow his principles. During that time, I found him in a spiritual class. In that class he put forth several good spiritual questions to us. We had answered whatever we knew. From our answers, he raised even more many deep questions to us. He then cleared all our doubts through his teachings. From the renderence of his speech and knowledge, I realised him to be my Guru. At that point, I strongly believed and felt fortunate to have him lead me for the rest of my spiritual journey. From his thoughts and philosophies, I could see several Yogis and Siddhas in him. I felt that True Wisdom could be enlightened on us only through him. The man, who inherited himself with Love, Simplicity and Warmth is none other than our Gnana Guru, Sri.LLS.Manigandan Ayya.
XEI bow to him.

Guru Sakshat Parabrahma

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