Gowtham, Indian Navy , Arakonam

It was the day which changed my life, inspired me, changed me,  it was the most memorable day because “the day I met guru “.Our first session was about love and karma, this session made me to think and built my eager to know more about life , which drastically pulled me towards guru.The next session was about silence: here I realized my inner silence and peace. Finally I got a chance to be a member of “Ghathi” i think it was the most precious gift in my life. Because it was the most significant point of my life. It was the great turning point, where I perceived everything. I analysed myself and realized humanity, modesty, submissiveness, humble and grateful. These things made me to move out of ego ,selfishness, hateness and enhanced me towards love of nature, kindness and gave me a chance to explore and to improve myself. And finally progressing me to attain the null state -“suyam unarthal ”.I am really fortunate to have such a guru in my life for all the guidance and the guru who has been the guiding light through the darkness and made me to understand about my life. Thankyou for everything ,I hope and pray that I always get guided by you and may you always shower me with your unconditional love.

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